Saturday, 29 November 2008

Friday, 28 November 2008

Up to speed...

A few things to update you on...

Geoff had a good conference in Jo'burg last week and tomorrow he goes far North to attend a student project for about 4-5 days. Please pray for safe travel, new believers and good connections with the student leaders up there.

Concerning our container which was meant to be arriving on 30th November, it has been delayed and may only just get here in time for Christmas, it may not. Please pray. It would be nice to get our things and all set up to make Christmas as 'normal' and fun as possible.

We still have no work permit so pray for that too, this affects what customs we pay on our container. Particularly pray on Tuesdays when they meet to discuss the applications! Thanks.

Everything else is going well. We finally have a landline and internet - hurray! The sun is shining and we are slowly making friends.

Thought you might like to see Emily and Nathan's recently decorated bedrooms. Little furniture as yet but you get the idea. Certainly makes it feel homely.

A walk last Saturday

Here's a pic of the giraffes we stumbled across on our local walk last Saturday! So amazing. We also saw a Jackal chasing a smal antelope of some kind and catching it by the leg, Wildebeast, Warthogs and some beautiful birds. It's hot here although there has been rain , particularly at night - and when it rains it REALLY rains, thunder, lightning, the whole shabang!

Friday, 14 November 2008


This is Emily's new school, St Paul's. She'll go for a week at the end of term to make some friends before she returns in January for the start of the year. Her teacher seems really lovely and has already given Emily a welcome hug!


Our dogs, Spot and Emma. Spot jumps a lot but neither of them bark at us, just the locals! We're slowly getting used to being dog owners!


Our new home... Hochland Park, Windhoek, Namibia :-)

We've arrived!

We have arrived, safe and sound. The flight was good and on time. The house is great and already becoming a home to us. The children love the outside space. We have been very busy getting everything set up for life in a new country... bank accounts, car registrations, insurance, phone lines and internet set up and school and nurseries visited. It's all go, go, go! Hardly have a chance to think about our life in England but there are obviously those quieter moments when we reflect on all that we have left behind. We appreciate all that we have had but also thank God for all that he has given us here. We feel blessed. We miss you. Thank you for your friendship.