Thursday, 29 January 2009

The year begins...

The term for Emily and Nathan is now in full swing. Emily has already attended her school sports day including high jump, hurdles and long jump! She goes swimming with her class and has just started choir. Nathan is settling in to his Montessorri nursery, 'Little Penguins'. It's all quite new for them both so do pray for them. Both schools have Christian ethos which really shows and their teachers are very approachable and helpful.
Geoff is planning for the new academic year. We have already had two gatherings at the Shaves with the student leaders of the campuses in the capital, about 20 students. Freshers starts next week with 'Project Jericho', a week of prayer and evangelism and connecting with first year students.
Caroline is keeping things together! There are still some settling in things to be done and plenty of opportunities to encourage and support the children and Geoff. Thank you for your prayers for us, do continue to pray. At some times we feel life here is absolutley normal... at others, we feel like Brits in a strange land!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Emily's first day at school

Thought you might like to see Emily ready for school on her first day... 6.30am!

Happy New Year!

Had a really lovely and relaxed Christmas together as a family. A little different but fun all the same. It was followed by a trip to Cape Town for the new year. We left on 27th. It takes 2 days to drive there! We had a fantastic, chilled time after a pretty hectic and sometimes stressful period adjusting to life here in Namibia. We came back recuperated and ready for 2009. Geoff is planning for the new term. Do pray for wisdom and good direction. The picture is of Nate sharing a secret with Emily at an Indian restaurant in front of Table Mountain... Geoff's dream location!