Monday, 15 February 2010

Staff Day

On Friday we had a staff day at our house that Caz organised. It was an opportunity to share vision, encourage one another, pray, challenge and have fun. In the afternoon we had a team building session. In just 50 minutes each team had to build a boat that would carry an egg across the water. As you can see by the pictures, a lot of fun was had! Geoff's boat was renamed 'The Boomerang'. I wonder if you can guess why?!


The view from our kitchen. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! And did I say we are going camping this weekend?!


Geoff got a tent for his 40th birthday and here it is...
Camping is such a good way to see Namibia but we're pretty new to this game! We're attempting out first camp this weekend. Can't wait! Pray for good weather, a lack of snakes, scorpians and other creepy crawlies and great fun!

Student Leaders

At the beginning of term we hosted around 20 Christian student leaders from the local campuses at our house for 2 days and 1 night for training, Bible study, envisioning, fun, planning, and lots of food. It was a great time and should definitely happen again once we've recovered! Here are a few of our crazy student team...