Monday, 11 May 2009

Please pray...

Please would you join us in praying for our friends and fellow Agape staff, Martin and Rachel, whose 2nd eldest son, Sam, at the young age of 11 was tragically killed in a hit and run on 1st May. They are, of course, devastated. They have 3 other sons, Jake, Tom and Josh.

Nate turned 5!

Can you believe it? Our little boy is 5 year's old! He had a 'Mr Men' and 'Little Miss' party. Nathan was Mr Bump. Emily chose her own character, Little Miss Chatterbox. Quite apt!

The North's Depart

Caroline's Mum and Dad have just left Namibia leaving a huge empty space. We had a fabulous, relaxing four weeks together, although I think Dad might debate the word 'relaxing' having re-tiled our bathroom! It was lovely to be together again and we miss them all the more for it :-)