Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Women's Bible Study

Every tuesday a group of women from various churches, countries and backgrounds come together to study the word, pray for one another, drink tea and eat cake! It's a very encouraging time for me (Caz, not Geoff!) We are currently looking at Proverbs. Pictured here is most of the group, from left to right, front to back... Caz, Susan, Cathy and Erin, Margi, Priscilla, Roelien, Hilary, Rachael and Tindiri representing England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and of course, Namibia!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Belated House Warming Party

Yesterday we had over 40 guests descend on our pad to warm our house for a very British afternoon tea and cake! It was a really good time and made us realise how far we've come from knowing just a handful of people to building up a good network of friends. We still have a long way to go of course but we are feeling settled here. A number of children enjoyed decorating biscuits and having their faces painted while the adults chatted.

The North

A couple of weeks ago Geoff and Helmuth (National Director) ventured north to visit the University of Namibia northern campus and a teacher training college to encourage the Campus Crusade (Agape) groups there. Here you can see some of the students he was working with, the fun they had, the food they ate and the floods viewed from the plane. Do thank God for the rain on this dry land but please pray for the north of Namibia which has suffered terrible flooding.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Student Ministry Team

Here is the student ministry team! Imelda and Sid are quality people keen to share their faith and make multiplying disciples. Both Imelda and Sid are raising their financial support at the minute so pray for them; that they would be a blessing and receive blessings. It's a slow process. It also means Geoff has to take on quite a heavy load in the meantime.