Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Big School

At 6 1/2 Nate starts 'big school' in January so his pre-school organised a modern day Christmas play, in which Nate was a tourist, and a graduation ceremony.

Emily turns 9!

Birthday celebrations on and around 5th November for Emily. 9? We're surely not old enough to have a 9 year old daughter!

Geoff's Sister

Sue came to stay for 3 weeks, which was great! Here's some of the experiences she had. Amazing!

Pink and Blue

As many of you know already, Caz's sister had twins at the beginning of November. They were born 10 weeks early so are still in hospital. James and Charlotte are the siblings to Isaac as seen in the picture. Special prayers needed for Charlottes development please. Thanks.

Looking Good

As trees were damaging the house and stones were falling off it we had some work done on the outside. Here's where we live...